Hi, I'm Carly

Thanks for stopping by! I’m the author of the CINDERELLA series and two standalone YA novels. I love writing about sports, summer love and girls who just want to get it right. Please head on over to the Contact page and join my mailing list for notice about future book releases! Are you interested in signed copies of my books? Now available on the blog!


If you enjoyed “Cinderella in Cleats” and “Cinderella in Skates,” you may be excited to learn the third book is out now with a fourth coming late January 2014! Holly Shaw’s not thrilled about life in Arizona, but it starts to look a whole lot more interesting when she starts working with her dad’s college baseball team. Doan Riley wasn’t always a bad guy until things in his life started to go wrong. Now he’s reckless and finds himself in trouble. Will Holly realize that first impressions shouldn’t always be the lasting impression? Coming Soon:  I plan to release “Cinderella in the Surf” in late January 2014. More about Rachel and Ricky on the blog!




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